0210213 Single Weir (GG)

Vita Spa Single Weir (GG) 210213. This is a new style filter weir that is now currently used on all Vita Spas. It looks a little different from the old style but it will be a perfect fit. It has an open top (frameless). This is the correct replacement filter weir. It will look different from your old one because it will not have a top bar going across the top of it like your old one. Vita Spa eliminated that in 2010. The weir door would sometimes get hung up on that top bar. You will need to drill 2 new holes. They are not pre-drilled because there are so many different Vita Spa models. Screws are not provided. You can reuse the old screws or buy some stainless steel screws from your local hardware store. Put a little dab of silicone over the old 2 holes.

Single Weir (GG) 210213
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