0411102-Repl Vita Vertical Heater Replacement Option

Vertical Heater part # 0411102 is no longer in production and is not available. The reason for this is that the heater manufacturer closed their doors early in 2017. They manufactured 95% of all the spa heaters out there. This has created major problems for many Spa Companies as well as Vita Spa. Your vertical heater is for a low flow system. This heater 0411102-Repl can be used in its place. There may be a chance in some Vita Spas or Reflection Spas which were made by Vita Spas, where this unit will not mount properly because there is existing rigid plumbing in your way. We have sold a lot of these heaters and there has only been 1 model where it was a mounting issue. Our customer simply installed the heater below the spa box and it worked perfectly. He could have also used the other option heater which is part # 0411102-Repl Stand Alone.

 With this heater, there are modifications to the spa box that must be made. You will have to drill a simple small hole for the top mounting stud (the bottom mounting stud can go into the existing hole). Most of all these spas have a flow switch system. If you do have a pressure switch, you will need to make a 1-inch notch to allow room for the pressure switch. If you have a flow switch, then you would not need to notch anything out. This is very simple, and we have a lot of Vita Spa owners who have already done this. We provide illustrations with notes with your order. Another option is to use part # 0411102-Repl Stand Alone. This heater is more expensive but could possibly be easier to install in some cases.




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