0411102-Repl Vita Vertical Heater Replacement Option

Vertical Heater part # 0411102 is no longer in production and is not available. The reason for this is that the heater manufacturer closed their doors early in 2017. They manufactured 95% of all the spa heaters out there. This has created major problems for many Spa Companies as well as Vita Spa. Your vertical heater is for a low flow system. This heater 0411102-Repl can be used in its place. There are modifications to the spa box that must be made. You will have to drill a simple small hole for the top mounting stud (the bottom mounting stud can go into the existing hole). Most of all these spas have a flow switch system. If you do have a pressure switch, you will need to make a 1-inch notch to allow room for the pressure switch. If you have a flow switch, then you would not need to notch anything out. This is very simple, and we have a lot of Vita Spa owners who have already done this. We provide illustrations with notes with your order. Another option is to repack your spa with a low flow pack (which to our knowledge does not exist yet). 


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