454006-D, 454002-D, Processor Card Relay Board Combo Deal

Processor Card and Relay Board Combo Deal 454006-D 454002-D 30454006-D 30454002-D. FOR UNITED STATES ONLY.This will not work out side the United States. The relay board that you receive will have a blue color. Sometimes the processor card fails and causes the main relay board to fail. If you have a bad processor card and you plug it into a new relay board you could ruin the new relay board. This would not be covered under warranty. This combo package is for our customers who do not want to chance damaging new parts. If you live outside the United States, you may need an Export Relay board. Manufactured by Consumer Engineering Inc.

Processor Card and Relay Board Combo Deal 454006-D 452002-D 30454006-D 30452006-D
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  • Item #: 0454006-D 0454002-D Combo
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