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This is a combination of both the Selectron 200 Spa Side Controller and the L200 Circuit Board. There are many times when the spa side controller fails and the ruins the circuit board. If you have a bad spa side controller and you plug it into a new circuit board you could ruin the new board instantly. This would not be covered under warranty. This combo package is for our customers who do not want to chance damaging new parts. Manufactured by Consumer Engineering Inc.

Vita Spa 460083 L200 Printed Circuit Board details:

  • Vita Spa Part Number: 460083
  • This Circuit Board is used with:
    Topside Panel: 460086
    Topside Panel: 460098 
  • Temp Sensor: LX-LW500 
  • High Limit: 451126
    There is now a revision to this board. A re-settable fuse has been added to protect the board from being damaged when hooked up to a defective topside.If a topside has a short, the re-settable fuse heats up and opens. After the spa side with the short is unplugged and the fuse is allowed to cool the fuse will supply power again. This revision should prevent bad topsides from damaging new power boards. This circuit board is good for all system that have a "U" in the serial number (Your serial number will start with a PT).
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's warranty

Vita Spa 460086 Spa Side details:

  • Vita Spa Part Number:460086
  • Vita Spas topside control panel L200 model 460086 is compatible with circuit board 460083
  • 6 buttons including pump, blower, light, program and temp up and down. Comes with 60" long cord and phone style plug.
  • Used 2000 to Present
  • Used to control both multiple pump systems
  • Measures 8" x 3-7/8"
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's warranty

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