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Replacement Spa Pack for Vita Spas

All Spa Packs are configured to meet your spa needs. The spa packs are made to order (this means you are buying a brand new spa pack, not a pack that has been on a shelf for 2 years) and sometimes will require a 2 to 3 day lead time.

Standard Features that come with this spa pack are:

- Self-Standing Control
- T7 Digital Topside

- Topside Adapter/ Extension Face Plate
- A cord for 2 Speed 1st Pump Ready w/Cord
- A cord for 12v Spa Light Ready w/Cord
- Flo-Thru Stainless Steel Heater: Note if you have a low flow vertical heater on your spa, you can not use this spa pack.
- 11" Tall
- 19" Wide
- 3.25" Deep

NOTE: These units come standard with 2 cords. A cord for the light and a cord for a two speed primary pump, if additional AMP cords are needed please check out the 'Cords and Receptacles' section of the store. If you order them above with the spa control you will save a couple of dollars.

Call US at (386) 677-2120 for more information

If you have a low flow heater that looks like this,


than you can not use this spa pack. You would need a special "Low Flow Spa Pack".

If you have any questions or concerns about this spa pack please contact our sales department at 386-677-2120.