0532059 Wrap Around Pillow 2004 (24" GG)

Vita Spa Wrap Around Pillow 2004 (24" GG) 532059.There are 3 wrap around pillows that look alike from the front. The back side is very different. The three pillows in question are pillow part# 532059 and pillow part# 532064 and pillow part# 532070. Before ordering this pillow please compare it to your old pillow. Make sure it matches from the front and back side. This pillow has a unique slanted back side. Ordering the wrong pillow will result in additional shipping costs for you and this is what we want to avoid. If your old pillow has suction cups on the back of it, this pillow will not fit.


0532059 Wrap Around Pillow 2004 (24" GG)
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  • Item #: 0532059
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