0532058 Pillow 2004 (Vita or reflections GG)

Vita Spa Pillow 2004 (Vita or reflections GG). Vita Spa had 2 different manufacturers (one from China and one from Canada) who made pillows for them for the same spas.  They both are very close but are different. The pillow from China part# 532039 is no longer available.   

The other pillow from Canada is part# 532058 . This pillow is available and this is what Vita Spa is telling their customers to use. Customers report that this pillow will fit but is not as long as and it is a little bit wider then their old pillow #532039. We have it on our show room spa, and it fits.  As per VITA SPA: this pillow should be used in place of pillow # 532039 and that if "you are not comfortable with having a slightly smaller replacement pillow then you will not want to purchase this pillow. Any returns are the customer's responsibility."

Please note: That Vita Spa named this pillow "Vita Spa Pillow 2004 (Vita or Reflections)". This does not mean that if you own a 2004 Vita / Reflections Spa that this is the correct pillow. Vita Spa used several types of pillows in 2004 and you could have a different pillow. Look at the images to check and compare. 



0532058 Pillow 2004 (Vita or reflections GG)
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