454005-DS, 2008 Board D Relay W/Stereo,

2008 Board D Relay W/ Stereo. Also replaces part# 460134-ryds 2007 Board D Relay w/stereo. FOR UNITED STATES ONLY. This will not work out side the United States. If you live outside the United States, you may need an Export Relay board.

NOTE: If you are the owner of a 2007 Vita Spa with this type of system, there is a chance that your relay board (large circuit board) may not be compatible with your old processor card. This card might also have to be changed out. In 2008, Vita Spa made a needed revision to the processor card and this revision has caused some compatibility issues with the 2007 Vita Spas. There are no other options. As an option, we do offer a combo discounted deal that will give you both the relay board and the processor card: part # 454005-DS 454002-D. Manufactured by Consumer Engineering Inc.

2008 Board D Relay W/Stereo 454005-DS
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  • Item #: 454005-DS, 0454005-DS
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Price $420.95