Vita Spa Tech Bench Test of Equipment

Once your Vita Spa Tech Bench Test of Equipment order is complete, simply go to the top of the website and click on " ". Provide us with a contact person, a phone number, and description of the problem. DO NOT REMOVE ANY PARTS until our Certified Vita Spa Tech contacts you. Simply remove the Circuit Board and Spa Side (Top Side ) Controller and ship it to the Spabrothers /Vita Parts. Com Inc address which appears on your invoice. The circuit board and spa side controller will be bench tested to help you identify the problem. If you need a part and purchase the part from us then will give you a $20.00 credit off your Vita Spa Tech Bench Test of Equipment fee. If you decide not to purchase the part needed to make the repair (due to being too costly of a repair or more then you wanted to invest in your Vita Spa), then the $50.00 fee will be charged to you credit card. You will also be responsible for shipping to and from Vita Parts. Com. Spabrothers / Vita Parts.Com  assumes no liability for the shipper once the items leave the consumer or Spabrothers's possession. You will receive e-mail communications from the tech who will help you with your troubleshooting issues.

Vita Spa Tech Bench Test of Equipment
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