0411001, DX Heater Housing (no internal parts)

DX Heater Housing (no internal parts). Discontinued and is no longer available.  

DX Heater Housing (no internal parts). This housing has been in use since 2005. Please note: On some older Vita DX Spas (1990's), the heater element and housing were longer. If you are reusing your old element and heat shield, it may not fit in this housing. If that is the case, you would need to replace the element as well. The heater element is part#411004 and measures approximately 6 1/4" long. The part of the Heater Housing that the element sits in is about 8 1/2" long. Making our 6 1/4" element fit with no issues. We also highly recommend that you replace the DX O-ring (part#411030).

DX Heater Housing (no internal parts). No longer available. It was last manufactured in 2011. This was made special for the Vita Spa DX Line. Electrical and Heating Parts are becoming more difficult to get for this older spa and are very expensive. Many of our Vita Spa customer's have opted to repack their spa with a brand new Digital electronic Spa Pack. The Vita Spa replacement pack is Part# 467575.467575 Replacement Vita Spa Pack by United Spas 220 Volts


0411001, DX Heater Housing (no internal parts)
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