0420444-KIT Laing Circulation Pump, 1 speed, 1/20hp, 220V


We no longer stock this Laing Pump. If you still have your old style circulation pump and did not already switch to the Laing Pump, we would highly recommend using the original style pump (Part# 420420). It has been proven very reliable and since it is the same style pump as your old one, the installation would be quick and easy. It would not require any extra plumbing like the Laing Pump.

If you already have the Laing Pump and would like to switch back to the original style pump, you would need to buy the pump as well as the union kit part# 420420-KIT. There would be no plumbing involved and installation would be a snap. There would be no heat wrap around the new pump. Some Technicians believe that this wrap compromised the pumps performance.

We currently offer both Pumps. If you would like to continue using Laing, we special order that pump and you would simply reuse your old cord.

 Can not be used on Duet/Twosome Spa

0420444-KIT, Laing Circulation Pump, 1 speed, 1/20hp, 220V
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