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Vita Spa Tech Bench Test of Equipment: We are Certified Vita Spa Techs:

Vita Spa Vita Spa Tech Bench Test of Equipment Details:

  • The technical bench test fee for this service is $35.00.
  • This is a one time fee only: It covers whatever amount of time it takes us to identify and solve your parts issue at hand.
  • Please use our contact us link and provide us with a contact person, a phone number, and description of the problem.
  • DO NOT REMOVE ANY PARTS until our Certified Vita Spa Tech contacts you either by phone or email.
  • Simply remove the Circuit Board and Spa Side (Top Side ) Controller and ship it to the Spabrothers / Vita Spa Parts to the address on your invoice.
  • The circuit board and spa side controller will be bench tested to identify the problem.
  • When the bad part(s) or issues are identified and you order your parts from us, we will give you a $15.00 credit off your next new Vita Spa Parts Order.
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Don't be frustrated. Receive the help that you need to get your spa up and running today.

Why choose US?

  • Over 20 years servicing Vita Spas
  • Parts in stock Ready to ship
  • Great Customer Service and Support

Our company prides itself with top tier customer support and 100% customer satisfaction. We service and stock everything we sell directly from our own warehouse. We are not a drop shipper and have invested thousands of dollars stocking Vita Spa Parts for the fastest order processing in the industry.